River City Reunion                  photographs

River City Reunion     Gallery page 1

Crowd at Liberty Hall in downtown Lawrence.  (ref. H35)
Allen Ginsberg speaks with onlookers outside Liberty Hall.  (ref. H08)
Marianne Faithfull exits Liberty Hall after performance.  (ref. H14)
Keith Haring draws on sidewalk in downtown Lawrence.  (ref.  C09)
Keith Haring and Allen Ginsberg in downtown Lawrence.  (ref. C12)
Jello Biafra and Timothy Leary in front of Liberty Hall.  (ref. H25)
William Burroughs and Keith Haring pose in front of targets.  (ref. N32)
William Burroughs during target practice.
(ref. N35)
Sunflowers adorn the outside of Liberty Hall.  (ref. L05cr)